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My name is Fiona fem. I'm wearing, since I was 16 or something. but never wore outdoors. I'm in my 20 years late. and attracted Kings Lynn. and then it all started with a visit to the bathroom to urinate in the city and destroying one. There was a note on the bathroom wall in the woods that TV almost every night. I also thought that, if you can, I went home and have all my things already done. and placed into the unknown. at least for me. I decided to walk two miles below. when she was out of place I lived. and could not wait to meet someone I knew. or rather, I knew. I went into a layby and large moved in my black bra and pink panties and black bra waiting ups. black mini skirt and high heeled knee-high boots. makeup and a wig. I have two miles around 6 30pm. It took me around the back of the jungle. not the road. you could tell he was parked about six cars. I did not know whether it was dog walkers or light still Doggers. Then, after having been there for about three quarters of an hour Sat I had to go to the bathroom badly. I had no option but to tube2012 leave my car and into tube2012 the woods. I pee in the woods tube2012 and had to. I had not realized that I had followed. until it returned to the car. and there were three men in the way. Not haveing ​​to do these things, before the turn and went into the forest. and stood near a large tree. Thaat could not see, I think. I relaxed and lit a cigarette. The next thing I knew I had a hand up and down Rubing my leg. that helped me a lot of charm, excited, and I approached a tube2012 man who is in his 60 years. his penis was hard and tight. Then I realized that the other two men comeing to us. and the man said theres not sure of his people. Thay said I was fine and had no problem. He put his hand on my head and took me on his cock. I leave in my mouth and sucked it for him. the other two men were with us now t masturbateHere Rubing roosters and my legs and back. man has for the first time in my mouth i cum first taste was great. Then I had two mouth fulls of the other two men. I returned to my car and masturbated me off. and then tube2012 went home. I'll tell you another time on the firs time i got fucked but that's it for now. Incidentally, this is a true story
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